Bullet journal – Back to school

Since school has started again, I decided to write a post about my “student bullet journal”. Going back to school is not the most exciting thing there is, but I hope my post and journal ideas make it a bit more fun!

As you guys know, I am keeping a bullet journal to make my life less chaotic (and also because I just think it’s pretty and awesome). First I was afraid it was going to take to much time, but actually it doesn’t take that much time, so if you’re still in doubt about starting a bullet journal: IT IS VERY EASY AND IT DOESN’T TAKE THAT MUCH TIME.
But of course you can also just buy a pretty pre-made planner. In that case, here are a few of my favourite planners:


After you’ve checked those planners out (or not, it’s up to you), I’m going to give you a look into my monthly student planner.

  1. First of all, I started with a “cover” 
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My student journal cover 

You guys probably noticed my cover is on page 161, this is because I split my journal up into two parts: my personal planner and my student journal. The first 160 pages of my journal, I use to plan my personal things.


         2. My time table 

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Next to my time table, I decided to write down a quote so I stay motivated during this school year


3. Monthly log 

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Here I write down important tasks, events and deadlines.


        4. Weekly logs

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This is a little bit more detailed than my monthly log. On these pages I write my tasks and events for every week (like “study page 2-34” or something).
Also, I keep track of my weekly goals and I use the little space that says “notes” to write things down I have to remember but don’t have a specific date (yet).

BUT my favourite part of my weekly spreads is definitely my “study log”. I use this to see how many hours I have studied every subject per day.

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As you can see, I didn’t study much this week  3. This is because we still didn’t get a class of every subject, as it’s only the second week of school. The bookstore doesn’t even have most of my books yet so… 


        5. Sleeptracker

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As a student, you have to get enough sleep so you can keep focusing. BUT you also need some friends and a social life. That’s the reason why I made this page, so I can find a right balance between sleeping , studying and hanging out with friends.
If you are creating a bullet journal yourself, I would recommend this because it helps a lot to get a nice overview on your sleeping pattern.


 6. Expense tracker

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Another MUST HAVE FOR STUDENTS. You probably all have a limited budget and to much places around you to spend your money at…
This is how I keep track on my monthly budget and make sure I don’t starve to death every last week of the month!


There you go! This is how my student bullet journal looks like!
Of course there are no specific rules, so you can add some other 
things or leave some things out of your bullet journal if you want to.

I hope you got some inspiration if you have a bullet journal yourself
(or otherwise I hope you just enjoyed reading this post). 
If you got some ideas/advise/questions, don't feel shy to share them,

Also, please let me know what you think. 


My make-up collection

Hi there! It’s been a while since my latest post, so I figured I’d write a new one for you guys! The beginning of the school year has been very hectic already (as always)… we had to buy lots of books from lots of different places and I still did not find every book I need (& maybe they’re not even in the bookstores yet, who knows).

The titel spoils everything about this new post, because it clearly is going to be about MY MAKE-UP COLLECTION & MY ALL TIME FAVOURITES.

Let’s jump right into it with some pictures of my personal collection:

In the first picture you can see my ‘brush-set’. I’ve got mine from Urban Outfitters.
I just checked them online and I see you can only get the gold ones (I bought the silver ones) but the brushes are exactly the same. When I first got them I was a little afraid they were not going to be good, because they were very cheap ($20 for 10 brushes) BUT THEY ARE THE BEST BRUSHES I HAVE USED SO FAR!

In the second picture there are lots of things I use everyday:

  •  infallible 24H-matte foundation (L’oreal): 11 Vanilla
    • I bought this foundation after I read some very good reviews online, and I am not disappointed. The colour matches my face very good and it gives my face a matte-look (so I don’t need an extra powder)
  • MAC perfecting stick (concealer):
    • As this is my personal blog, I am going to be honest with you: I don’t really like this concealer…. I mean, it’s definitely NOT bad, but for $21 I was a bit disappointed. In my opinion it does not cover your spots that well and it looks a bit ‘dry’ when you put it on… Other than the lipsticks, I am not really a MAC fan because I think they’re a bit over-prized for what they offer.
      (this is also the reason why I bought my second concealer in NYX)
  • NYX concealer
    • $5 and 10 times better than the MAC concealer!!!

      • It’s a liquid one, which I personally prefer because your skin doesn’t look dry when you have put it on. Also, it’s covering your spots really good BUT it doesn’t stay very long (half a day I believe), this is why I use my NYX concealer in the morning and I take my MAC concealer with me on the go. I don’t have to fix it every day, just when I have a very bad spot I sometimes put some more concealer on it after lunch.
  • Infallible TOTAL COVER L’oreal
    • MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!!! This palette has everything!
      • green: hides red spots
      • purple: hides dark under eyes
      • brown: the light one I sometimes use as a concealer and the darker ones I use to contour (I don’t know if it’s supposed to be for contouring but it really does contour my face very well… I think when you have a darker skin it’s not going to work but with my pale skin in definitely does its job)
  • Cover girl mascara (waterproof)
  • Essence mascara
    • I use both mascaras, depending on my mood I suppose…
      • COVER GIRL: longer wimpers + water proof BUT less volume
        (mostly I use this one on a rainy day or just a normal day at school)
      • ESSENCE: extreme volume: this is the one I use when I go out or when I have a date

Other pictures:

  • NYX eye shadows
    • I own a lighter rosé one (INNOCENT) and a ‘darker gold one’ (LIQUID GOLD)
      and I am totally obsessed with them both!!!
  • MAC lipsticks 
    • Patisserie (Nicki Minaj Limited Edition) = RIGHT ONE
    • Sandy B = LEFT ONE
  • MAC prep+prime 
    • I really love this BUT I HAD TO GO BACK TO THE STORE because their was no mist coming out of the bottle…. my bottle was broken. I was lucky I got a new one for free BUT MAKE SURE TO TEST IT IN THE STORE (I have friends who experienced the same and did not get a new one…)


I hope you enjoyed my post! If you have questions, feel free to ask.
I am also willing to try something new so if you have recommendations 
or you want to do a make-up collaboration, pleaseeeee let me know!!!


Trip of a lifetime – Japan

Konnichiwa! (Hello!)

Last month, I traveled to Japan with my family. We went on a 14-day-adventure to discover the Japanese culture and must see places.

In the field of traveling, I consider myself a very lucky girl. Both of my parents, especially my dad, are fond of traveling abroad and love to discover new places. In my nineteen years on this planet I have traveled a long way and I can check a lot of countries on my bucket list, like: Kenya, Botswana, Canada, United States (New York, Las Vegas, L.A., San Francisco), Australia, Ecuador, Galapagos Isles, Dubai, Sweden, England, Greece, Italy, France… 

This post is going to give you a glimpse into my Japanese adventure.
We started our journey in Brussels, where we took a 6-hour plane to Dubai.
In Dubai we took a 7,5-hour plane to Tokyo. Actually, Dubai airport was already our first “wow-moment” of the trip, as Dubai International Airport is the third busiest airport worldwide (after Atlanta International Airport and Bejing Airport) with 83,654,250 passengers each year. I had never seen such an inmens crowd.

The first four days of our visit, we stayed at the Conrad Hotel in Tokyo.
One of the best hotels I had been so far, the people were very friendly and it was a great place to recover from our jet-lag!

My dad even tried a real Japanese breakfast the first morning (top-left corner) .
The rest of us needed some extra time to get used to the idea of rice in the morning…

The first evening we went to visit the Hard Rock Café (I collect the basic white tees & I already have 15 different cities now I guess). Also, we went to the Tokyo Tower. It looked soooo much like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but we weren’t disappointed because the lights were spectacularly beautiful.

The second day in Tokyo, we visited the botanical gardens in the morning. It was very pretty, but because we went in the rain season, the trees had no blossoms and their were no flowers, so I did not really thought about taking pictures. After that we went for a boat-trip to see some of Tokyo’s must sees, like the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Skytree Tower. In the afternoon, we had some ice cream out of one of the weirdest vending machines I had ever seen and we visited our first (of many) temples. My dad ruined my picture, but I hope you can still see it properly. The third picture in the row is on the inside of the temple.

The last picture is a ‘food-pic’ from our dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. We had a really popular dish called “Sukiyaki”. If you’re interested you can google it, but basically it was some beef and weird vegetables we had to dip in raw eggs. In Belgium, we never eat raw eggs, so we did not really like the typical “Sukiyaki” (but it still was an awesome experience and a real culture-shock).

On our third day, we visited DisneySea (because you are never too old for Disney in my opinion). We had lots of fun and if you are ever going to Tokyo, it is a real “must-do” I believe! I had already been to Disneyland in Paris and I think it is completely different with lots of different themes, attractions & shows.

Our last day in Tokyo we went to a CAT café. Me and my brother really wanted to do this, because we already missed our cat back home I think. After that, we visited the busiest crossing in Tokyo, Shibuya crossing. At this place, I got this feeling from Dubai International Airport all over again and I feel very lucky I didn’t get lost. I really felt like a small fish in the ocean when I was standing there. In my opinion, Tokyo is a city where you have to experience things and stroll around a little bit, instead of looking for some places you and planning every detail. It’s more about the people and the culture than it is about buildings in this special piece of the world. 

After Tokyo, we went on a day trip to Nikko. We saw some beautiful temples and one of the most breathtaking bridges I have seen so far. I also really liked this places because it rained. This may sound weird, but in Tokyo we walked around for four days in 36°C…

Then we went to Nara for two days. How did we get there? Good question. We took this fancy high-tech super fast train!!! Nara, not only a very beautiful and inspiring place, there are also lots of deer in the free nature. They just walk around the temples and they are so used to tourists that you can get very close to them. In Nara, we have had the most “Japanese” experience of our trip. We stayed in a traditional ryokan. This is a small traditional hotel. We had to go to dinner in our traditional clothing and wash ourselves in public “hot-tubs”. In addition, we had to sleep on a small mattress on the floor.

Our last cultural stop we had in Kyoto. We stayed here for three days. I think Kyoto has the most beautiful temples of Japan. One of the three days of our stay, we also went to Himeji Castle, an enormous white castle surrounded by green gardens. Kyoto was my number one of my 14-day stay in Japan. I’m sure you can also see this at the amount of pictures…



For our last 5 days, we traveled to Okinawa, a small Island next to mainland Japan. We relaxed, went snorkeling & went parasailing. 


My personal top 3:

  1. Temples of Kyoto

  2. Tokyo

  3. Parasailing Okinawa


I had a wonderful experience!!


Getting started: bullet journal

Here it is, my first post! Honestly, I still can’t believe I finally decided to start blogging. Owning a blog has been my dream since I was like 12 years old…
The problem was I never found the ‘perfect’ topic to write about, but now I just got over the fact that it is never going to be perfect.

Last month I bought a bullet journal and it turned out to be the best money I spent in a while, so I decided to share my experiences with you! Of course, my blog is NOT ONLY GOING TO BE ABOUT BULLET JOURNALING, but I am also going to give you an ‘insight’ in my journal with topics like:

  • Wishlist’s
  • Fashion
  • Make-up
  • Holidays


Before all of that, I am going to tell you a little bit about ‘bullet journaling’ and how it works.

What’s a bullet journal and how does it work?
I’m sure you are going to find the answer on the following website: http://bulletjournal.com
But actually, a bullet journal is everything you want it to be and it works how you want it to work. You can plan your events, doodle, make lists, keep a diary, keep track on your money/habits/sleep, etc.
(Personally, I split my bullet journal in two parts: my personal part and my ‘student part’)

What do you need to get started?
You really don’t need to buy anything to get started, you just need a notebook and a pen. But I recommend some pens in different colours and some markers.
Personally, I bought a ‘real’ bullet journal (so not a notebook but a book with bullets), because that way you don’t have lines standing in your way but you still can write straight and neath.

My bullet journal materials:

image1 (1)

  • Bullet journal with rubber band
    • (€15)
  • Stabilo pens (I think everybody knows and owns them)
    • (€9)
  • Stabilo pastel markers: I don’t really like the look of “normal” markers in my bullet journal because in my opinion it’s way too flashy, that’s why I use the pastel ones.
    • (€3)
  • Atoma notebook: this is a notebook I use to practice my handwriting before I write things down in my real journal.
    • (€8)
  • 4 Calligraphy markers from Stadler. I bought this more expensive pens because I really like handlettering and I really wanted to learn calligraphy.
    • (€14,95)
  • pens from HEMA
    • (€2,5)
  • My Bullet Journal Crash Course: a book with ideas/examples/… to use in your bullet journal.
    • (€9,95)

What does your bullet journal look like?
I just started a couple of days ago so I’m still finding my way but now it looks like this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see I am starting planning in October, so I still have time enough to set everything up and find my way.


I hope you enjoyed my first post!